July 22, 2018

Time passes differently now.
                       No longer is it measured by hands on a clock, primarily, in minutes, hours or days. But instead by rising and falling levels of the creek, by 

yellowing edges of the budding corn crops, by the degree of warmth or chill carried by the breeze. A subtle deterioration of youth from the body.

                                           A life of eras, comprised of chapters in a book. What once began as an idea and exploration begins to take on a more complete and detailed image of  what  it   may    be       b  e  c   o    m  i     n      g .


The pen, though, lies in the hand of the author. 

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March 9, 2019

(birds chirping)

I wish you were here, my love

Staring at the empty space above

As above below, I sleep with doors and windows open

room beside me

I wish...

Mt. Hermon

March 9, 2019

When I wake I am passing time
    in the mirror I watch as it all goes by
before my eyes
In my memory there’s photographs
    of a young, go...


January 19, 2019

Existing in the space between two destinations,
like a layover in an airport terminal,
untethered from the surrounding chaos.
Moving parts coalesce in...

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