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Remember how it felt to be a child? Everyone would look at you with hope, and promise, and potential. Before you became something, you could still become anything. But as we grew, and personalities took shape, and habits and certain milestones came and went, they began to look at us with expectation. They began to foster ideas about who we should be, and what we should want. Frustrated with misunderstanding whenever we deviated from the path they’d imagined for us.

We take on forms in the minds of others that can be much different than our own actual form. Who we are sometimes becomes trapped behind these ideas. Imprisoned by the boundaries of perception.

Everyone is working through projections of their own beliefs, however limited or not.

And when we are perceived through a limited scope, opportunity and support tend to diminish,

and the real problem comes when we adopt that limited view of ourselves.

Waiting for others to give us permission to be will do us no good, when we need simply to be as we are.

I don’t want to write songs because I’d like to be a musician; I have to write songs because I am a musician.

I have to make art because I am an artist.

I have to write because I am a writer.

These habits are part of my essential nature, and they always have been.

To ignore them when they arise or occur would only stir up tumult within me, like a great fire or a screaming child. If you look at other bodily functions, it is never good to hold in or bind up any excretory byproducts! To do so causes only physical discomfort and much irritability.

The same law governs such byproducts of the mind and creative spirit. Their purpose is to be expressed. Whatever it is that you do.

Sneeze if you must! :)