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Eyes look outward in observance like peepholes through the doors of demeanor.

Is it safe to open up? What is there to hide? What is there to possess? What is there to defend? What if you just let it all go?

Open the door. Open the windows, and the walls, and the floors and ceilings, too.

And soon the boundaries would dissolve. What is inside and what is outside? The rain would come in, but so would the sun.

Once the structure was dismantled it wouldn’t matter anyhow, they’d always been there.

We shut them out once we acquired precious belongings we feared would tarnish or disappear. But which is in ownership?

What if you just let it all go? If we didn’t put ourselves in a compartment.


This evening was so beautiful. The sky was all vibrant, blushing in the setting sun. Pink and blue and vivid.

It reminded me of the lights and cotton candy at Coney Island, and then it felt sad and the silence seemed to get louder.

But it was still beautiful.