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In retrospect I cannot recall an argument, not one. I recall only the beauty of your smile, the warmth of your touch, and the consternating combination of longing and comfort I felt in your presence. My memory of you, tinged lavender and pale blue like the shore’s sky last spring. Sweet and somber. The brevity of this moment in which we pass, I could never truly hold you.

Each day floats by now, adrift in the swirl of its whirlwind. I stand, windblown at the center of my own perception. With eyes soft and half asleep, I aim to be in a near constant state of revery. In wonderment at the senseless menagerie of images swimming past me from moment to moment. Digested with some logical understanding. I want to throw it all away. To wonder at these curious objects, people, and circumstances that find themselves before me. Spinning senselessly in their webs. I too am spinning, until I master flight.

Candles burn beside me, their wicks combusting and flickering calmly, violently. Their wax melting into puddled stubs. I disintegrate with the scent of lives since past. Silenced by the infinite moment. What grandeur, what small solitude.